How to Get Perfect Brows

Perfect brows are evergreen and they will never ever go out of fashion. No matter how many good “On Fleek” eyebrow pictures you scroll through on Pinterest and Instagram, your brows can only be “Perfect Brows” if you want them to be. Brows are and should be an important part of your every grooming routine, whether it is for a man or women.

Full, bold and neat brows are in should be a very important part of your daily beauty regimen. The most efficient way to get Perfect Brows is by booking an appointment at Brow Heaven Threading Studio in Long Beach so that their professional brow technicians can work their magic to give you perfect brows. Although that is not all you have to do, you also have to take certain measures as part of your daily grooming routine to get those “On Fleek” brows.

Start by taking care of your skin and moisturizing it daily.

If you want thicker and fuller brows, you must massage and moisturize the area to promote healthy hair growth and good quality of hair. Many professionals recommend that you can use eye cream on brows as well since it is a good conditioner. Apart from that Castor Oil, Vaseline, or olive oil are good options to maintain perfect brows.

All of us have messed up our brows once in our lives because we thought we could manage on our own. Plucking or trimming your brows once in a great while doesn’t cause permanent hair loss. However, repeated plucking and trimming can slow down the speed of hair growth and may eventually leave your brows sparse and thin.  It is best to leave the plucking and shaping to a competent professional.

The best solution for Perfect Brows is to get threaded.

Threading is the age-old technique of hair removal, that uses cotton threads to pull out hair from its roots. It is certainly less painful than other methods such as waxing or tweezing but it is the easiest to withstand and gives great results and perfect brows. An alternate way to get envious and perfect brows is the eyebrow pencil that can work wonders if you do not have genetically endowed brows. A sharpened brow pencil can create flicks as fine as actual brow hair to give you your desired fullness and bold brows. If your brows are already thick, then use a clear mascara or an eyebrow gel to comb them into place.

After all, you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to ‘upping’ the eyebrow game. Perfect brows begin by visiting Brow Heaven Threading Studio for a free consultation and following the recommendations of a licensed professional.

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