Male eyebrow threading: 10 things you need to know before trying it.

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How do you groom your brows?

A straightforward question.

However, it is something that many guys cannot explain.


Because most guys can go through the first couple decades of their lives without having to do it.

It is not until we are in our late twenties or thirties that the hair on our brows begins to grow in such a way that it requires upkeep.

In fact, failing to maintain your brows might result in wild-looking hairs that distract others when they speak to you up close.

For certain people, your different brow hair forms might merge to produce a uni-brow (which will make you appear constantly furious!).

So, what should you do?




This post covers all of that and more!

The form of our faces, as well as the neatness of our looks, are important social indicators. The slight advantage gained through grooming more than justifies the minimal cost spent.


Understand Your Eyebrows

As with most grooming aspects, not all guys require the same brow care.

Take note of what you have and what you desire.

Do you have symmetrical brows?


With a clean separation and an open gap over the bridge of the nose?

If not, you will benefit from brow grooming at the very least.

We’re not talking about drastic changes here. You can get to a nice stage with some simple grooming.

Ideally, you should shape your brows to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Brows that are wider than they are tall: This is a no-brainer. Your brows should frame your eyes by arching over them. This is not feasible if they are too tall.
  • One brow should appear to be a mirror image of the other.
  • Hair that is short and even in length. You want all of your brow hairs to be around the same length. Nothing is too short or too long.
  • Exceptionally well-defined eyebrows. Not one, but two brows. Between them, there is visible bare skin. This is required.

The four requirements outlined above are excellent guidelines to follow while cutting your brows.

The next step is to choose your preferred trimming method.

5 Men’s Eyebrow Grooming Options


Different strokes for different people are actually true in this case.

Some men may require a few tugs of the tweezers, while others will require expert shaping assistance. But don’t worry, you have alternatives. And the majority of them will work for the majority of guys. It’s just a matter of time, effort, money, and comfort.


Method #1 for Eyebrow Grooming – Plucking


Taking a pair of tweezers (preferably the angled ones that come to a point) and plucking away any brow hairs that don’t suit your intended look is the simplest approach.

It has the benefit of being simple. It is, however, quite uncomfortable and time-consuming if you are performing more than minor maintenance.

To achieve the finest results, dab your brows softly with a chemical-free wash or a liquid skin toner, then brush them both lightly from the outside into the center, allowing the hairs to stand up. Look for those that stand out substantially more than the others and remove them.

Don’t be concerned about leaving bald areas. Eyebrow hairs develop in normal cycles and are supposed to fall out naturally over time. Plucking one or two out here and there will not cause the brow to be disrupted as a whole.

Plucking is also a smart approach to tidy up the margins of your brows and to clear out the centre if you’re on the verge of a unibrow.

Because you’re removing the entire follicle, root and all, plucking does not leave dark-colored stubble, as shaving does.


Method #2 for Eyebrow Grooming – Trimming


Eyebrow trimmers are available and are a very inexpensive form of brow care.

They may be found at almost any drugstore; however, you may have to look in the feminine cosmetics section. (Don’t worry, your brows will grow and be trimmed exactly like a lady’s, and the same products will work regardless of whose face is on the container.)

Trimming kits often include a small, comb-like instrument for straightening out the brows and an electric cutter to run along the comb, cutting everything to the same length.

Trimmers will not shape the brow outline, but they are excellent for managing depth. If you have a lot of brows or straggly hairs, this should be part of your routine.


Method #3 for Eyebrow Grooming – Waxing


There are brow waxing kits available, but unless you’re quite confident in your ability to apply hot wax in straight, clean lines, you’re definitely better off leaving it to the experts.

This is a typical technique that, like plucking, pulls hairs out in an unbroken whole, avoiding dark patches where hairs are still lying beneath the skin.

Unlike plucking, everything happens all at once and swiftly.

Waxing is a great alternative for people who need to remove a lot of skin from their brows, either in the middle (above the nose to avoid a unibrow) or at the corners (to trim extra-wide eyebrows back in a bit).

Waxing might last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your skin type and hair growth.


Method #4 for Eyebrow Grooming – Threading

Threading (Male eyebrow threading)

Eyebrow threading for guys is a very easy and time-honored method of hair removal that dates back many years.

Threading uses a thin, twisted thread to grab and draw out hair in a straight, smooth line.

Consider it flossing for your brows, and you’ll come close.

A skilled technician can thread your brows without causing any discomfort. It is less painful than waxing and enables for more accurate, smaller shaping.

Eyebrow threading for guys is the grooming method of choice for those who want a highly particular grooming process and don’t mind getting some up-close-and-personal spa treatment.

Prices for threading vary, but in most cases, you can obtain a treatment for less than the cost of a haircut. There are also portable stalls offering it at many shopping malls, airports, and other semi-public areas.


Male Eyebrow Threading Preparation:

So, if you’re considering threading your brows or making an appointment at a salon for the first time to get a more appealing look, here are some ideas you may implement or test at home before threading.


01. Locate the right Threader

Finding someone you can rely on, especially with your brows, is critical. Make an open conversation with your threader about your desired brow shape before your appointment.

Tip: You can open your browser and search for “men’s eyebrow threading near me” to locate all the salons in your location that offer Male eyebrow threading.

02. Talk To Your Brow Artist

Before the technician starts threading your brows, you should talk about how you want them to look. This allows you both time to evaluate the form and thickness to ensure you obtain the desired look. Furthermore, inform the technician if you merely want to clean the brow area and remove the excess hair. We strongly advise you to communicate with your technician, regardless of how many times you have been treated by them.

03. Determine your face structure.

Because of differences in facial characteristics such as oval, box-shape, and so on, the form of one’s brows might vary from person to person. As a result, you must examine your own facial structure to fit your brow form.

04. Determine the structure of your brows.

Your brow structure or shape differs from that of others. So, before threading, take note of how to shape your brows based on their form.

05. Exfoliation should be avoided.

Avoid using any exfoliating products on your facial skin on the day of your visit. Because newly exfoliated skin is delicate, threading hair from sensitive skin might result in excessive redness that takes awhile to dissipate.

06. Avoid using cosmetics or any other substances.

You should also refrain from using any facial makeup or products. Use a light cleanser to remove any facial products from your face before your visit, paying specific attention to the area around your eyes and brows. A thorough scrubbing will aid in the threading process.

07. The Skin should be hydrated.

Drink lots of water on the day of your visit since hydration is good for your skin and helps with the threading process. When you are sufficiently moisturized, your skin is less sensitive, making threading your brows easier.

08. Make use of Talcum Powder.

Baby powder or talcum powder soothes your skin and absorbs excess oils that might cause thread sliding during your brow treatment. Apply a small coating of talcum powder to your face before your visit.

09. Use cold water.

Finally, wash your face with ice-cold water before your appointment, and then massage your brows with an ice cube to numb the region. It will alleviate the pain associated with brow threading.

10. Keep Calm

Maintain your composure and imagine yourself with great brows. We know it’s easier said than done, especially when a stranger comes at you with a thread to shape your brows, but flinching away from the technician is a terrible move. Take a deep breath, relax, and trust your threader while you wait for the new look.


Method #5 for Eyebrow Grooming – Shaving


This option is just included as a cautionary note: do not pursue it.

Shaving your brow hairs, like shaving your face, removes them at the skin’s surface.

The hairs will regrow in a matter of days as a result of this.

When the hairs come back, they are frequently thicker and rougher due to the blade cut.

Shaving should only be done on a man’s face and neck.

There are several alternatives to brow grooming that are effective.

Most of them are inexpensive and take only a few minutes to complete in the hands of an expert.

Choose the choice that best suits you and include it in your normal grooming regimen. You’ll be pleased you did it.


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